Our Story


Piloti means "drivers" in Italian.

It's what they call fearless racers who have faced Europe's toughest roads and tracks, and the perfect name for a driving shoe designed to help them conquer fierce conditions, drive better, corner tighter and get to the finish line first. Designed for drivers who need a high-performance, high-tech driving shoe for heel-and-toe downshifting and other fancy footwork, Piloti offers performance, comfort and style - with every shift and every step.

Founded in 1999 by a sport shoe designer and racing enthusiast, the company quickly became a fixture in the car and racing world, gearing some of the world's highest-profile drivers. Car fanatics and Hollywood celebs have all been big fans of Piloti driving shoes, and top racers including Ron Fellows and Johnny O'Connell swear by them, crediting the bio-mechanical technology and extreme comfort with preventing the foot pain that comes with endurance racing - and with extending their careers.

We are serious car buffs, and believe in the Piloti technology and design so much that we bought the brand and world-wide patents. We've teamed up with a noted California designer to reinvent Piloti, using the same patented technology, to make it even bigger and better than before. We're excited to be bringing back proven favourites, as well as a brand new luxury line of premium leather driving shoes crafted in Italy.