Our Technology


The Shoes:  Biomechanics At Work

Piloti Footwear is designed to prevent pain and discomfort; the secret is in the technology. 

Piloti's patented Roll Control spherical heel extends cushioning up the heel and onto the sides of the lateral right shoe, minimizing contact with the sides of the foot well, and preventing wear and tear on the driver's feet. The result? Fewer injuries and greater comfort. 

Innovative technology and sleek design that looks great in the car and on the street. Our driving and racing shoes feature: 

  • Top-quality suede and leather for superior comfort 
  • Patented Roll Control spherical heel cushions and support 
  • Polyurethane/EVA midsole for durability and long-lasting comfort
  • Fire-resistant DuPont Nomex lining and thread in all Performance styles
  • Toe spring for all-day comfort and everyday use on the streets 
  • Sole tread pattern inspired by vintage racing tires